Workshop of BIG Group in Madeira Island

The second Scientific Workshop of the Biodynamic Island Group (BIG) is occurring in Madeira Island (5th to 9th September 2014). During four days 18(...)

Biodiversity and Conservation of Portuguese Invertebrates, EBCI 2013

Two members of the Azorean Biodiversity Group (Carla Rego and Mario Boieiro) were guest editors of the special issue of the magazine Ecologi@(...)

Workshop in Angra do Heroísmo - Project NETBIOME ISLAND-BIODIV

A group of scientists from Azores (Azorean Biodiversity Group), Canary Islands (Univ de La Laguna; Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología(...)

Azores lead Portuguese regions in the use of the term Biodiversity (Googling Trends report)

Using the a web-crawling approach (Google Trends) it is observed that Azores and also Madeira are the regions of Portugal in which the word(...)

New article from Azorean Biodiversity Group published on Journal of Economic Entomology

The Journal of Economic Entomology has just published an article from the Azorean Biodiversity Group presenting risk maps for the dispersal of the(...)

Two researchers from the Azorean Biodiversity Group - (CITA-A, DCA, University of the Azores) succeeded to pass to the second stage of the Regional Entrepreneurship Competition (CRE) 2014 organized by SDEA

Two researchers from the Azorean Biodiversity Group - (CITA-A, DCA, University of the Azores) succeeded to pass to the second stage of the Regional(...)

GBA celebrating World Photo Day!

Hi, My name is Erno Endre Gergely, by profession Graphic Designer and Photographer. I had the great opportunity trough the Eurodisseia program to(...)

SMART-Specialization Azores (RIS3 Azores)

The final document of the Azorean SMART Specialization is already available. Many of the suggestions for improvement sent by the Azorean Biodiversity(...)

Azorean Biodiversity Group publish most of their work in first Quartile Journals

The 2013 Impact Factor and Quartile indices are already available for scientific journals. Based on this new information we evaluated the Azorean(...)

MOVECLIM and ATLANTISMAR projects scientific Expedition to São Jorge

The projects ATLANTISMAR in a collaboration with the project NETBIOME-MOVECLIM organized an Expedition to the Island of São Jorge between the 28th(...)

Advanced Courses CBA/ Ce3C 2015

CBA/ Ce3C* is organizing a new set of advanced courses to be held during 2014-2015. The goal of the Courses is the same as the ones that were held in(...)

Two new species of spiders for the Azores described by Researchers of Azorean Biodiversity Group

In the course of the research project “Predicting extinctions on islands: a multi-scale assessment” (ref. PTDC/BIA-BEC/100182/2008) in the Azorean(...)

Island Biology Congress - Hawaii 2014

Researchers of the Azorean Biodiversity Group participated in the first Congress of ISLAND BIOLOGY, held in Hawaii in July 2014. About 400(...)

The American subterranean termite found in Caldeira das Lages (Terceira)

The american subterranean termite, Reticulitermes flavipes was detected this week in Caldeira das Lages in Terceira Island. This is the second(...)

AzorLinho - Acredita Portugal

Four researchers from the Azorean Biodiversity Group - CITA-A (Isabel Amorim, Marcia Coelho, Ana Moura Rice and Rosalina Gabriel) reached the finals(...)

Project Azores Wins 2nd place in the National Exhibition of Science VIII

Was held on 29, 30 and 31 May, the Eighth National Exhibition of Science which resulted in 22º Contest for Young Scientists and Researchers. An(...)

Mambers of Azorean Biod Group participate in a competition for business ideas

Mambers of Azorean Biod Group participate in a competition for business ideas

A política de financiamento às universidades está a mudar e cada vez mais é reconhecida a importância da ligação entre o conhecimento criado na(...)

Course for Qualified Experts in Termites (SCIT System)

Candidates to the Course should send their application by the 30th May to the following address:

Article of Azorean Biodiversity Group in the Magazine of Newspaper O Publico

Read this in attachment - International Day of Biodiversity 

João P Barreiros had an accepted Comment in the prestigious Journal Science Online

Barreiros J.P. (2014). Comment on R. Woodroffe et al. Perspective in Ecology “To Fence or Not to Fence” (4 April 2014, Science, 344: 46-48).(...)