Mapping Invasive Species

On the 16th of April some ABG members got together to map invasive plant species in Terceira Island, having thus registered 29 new sightings(...)

Post-Doc Positions Call for cE3c and Azorean Biodiversity Group

Ce3C is seeking excellent post-doctoral researchers in Agro-forestry; Climate Change; Invasion Biology; Urban Ecology;    The cE3c – Centre for(...)

First record of Zoropsis spinimana on Terceira Island!

"The presence of the exotic spider Zoropsis spinimana has been confirmed on Terceira Island. After its identification in Faial and Pico in 2009 and(...)

Azorean Biodiversity Group Report - 2014

See in aatchment the 2014 final report of the Azorean Biodiversity Group • In the end of 2013 the Azorean Biodiversity Group was invited to become(...)

Interview from Patricia Garcia to UACiencia - Radio TSF Azores

Interview from Patricia Garcia to UACiencia - Radio TSF Azores about "Sustainable use of soil". Link:(...)

Catarina Melo: took second place in the Regional Entrepreneurship Competition, with the business idea

The researcher Catarina Melo has developed in the last 10 years pioneering work on the diversity of the community of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi(...)

Competition to create a Logo for the Azorean Biodiversity Portal

The Azorean Biodiversity group ( is remodeling their Azorean Biodiversity Portal ( and(...)

Classification from FCT of Excellent for CE3C / Azorean Biodiversity Group

FCT gave the Classfication of EXCELLENT to the Center for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (CE3C), in which the Azorean Biodiversity Group(...)

2014 Azorean Biodiversity Group Awards

The Azorean Biodiversity Group initiated in 2012 the “Azorean Biodiversity Group Prizes” that aim to highlight the excellence in research of the(...)

Biomonitorização de solos agrícolas vulcânicos

Biomonitorização de solos agrícolas vulcânicos

Projeto: HOLI-BioPest [Desenvolvimento de um programa integrado para biomonitorizar a exposição a pesticidas em ecossistemas agrícolas: uma(...)

Researchers of the Azorean Biodiversity Group organize a workshop on the use of biomarkers in Ecotoxicology

The workshop "Sensitive Biomarkers in Ecotoxicology" funded FRCT took place between 8-10 October in the Dep. of Biology of the University of Azores(...)

Journey on fruit-fly in Azores: 14 November 2014 at the Auditorium of the University Campus (Angra do Heroismo) The fruit-fly or Mediterranean fruit(...)

Investigators of Azorean Biodiversity Group organize a Workshop about Evolution in Islands in Lisbon

Program 7th November (Friday) Public session for presentation of results 16hoo-18h00 Paulo A. V. Borges (University of Azores) The application of(...)

Investigators of Azorean Biodiversity Group are members of the new IUCN Specialist Group on Spiders and Scorpions

Our past Post-Doc, Pedro Cardoso (now based in Nat. Hist Museum of Helsinki and our collaborator) is now leading the new created IUCN Specilist Group(...)

Azorean Biodiversity Group participation in NETBIOME-CSA meeting in Guadalupe

Paulo Borges of Azorean Biodiversity Group participate in NETBIOME-CSA meeting in Guadalupe on the 21st October Paulo Borges participate also in the(...)

Expedition to Graciosa island finds fossils of endemic birds species from the Azores

Was held an expedition to the caves of Graciosa island of researchers from Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies, Palma de Mallorca, and from(...)

Evaluation of CE3C - Center of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes

Last September 26 took place the final presencial FCT evaluation of the CENTRE FOR ECOLOGY, EVOLUTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE (CE3C) in which the(...)

Article published in Stoten on the input of trace metals in agricultural volcanic soils

Was recently published in a scientific journal with international circulation (Science of the Total Environment) a study conducted by researchers from(...)

Researchers from Azorean Biodiversity Group published a scientific paper in the highly recognized Journal PNAS

Investigators of the Azorean Biodiversity Group (CITA-A) published a scientific paper on the prestigious  Journal, PNAS - Proceedings of the(...)

Researchers from ABG develope a new R package BAT – Biodiversity Assessment Tools

Investigators of Azorean Biodiversity Group, Pedro Cardoso (past Post-Doc and now based in the Natural History Museum of Helsinki), Francois Rigal(...)