FOREST-ECO2 - Towards an Ecological and Economic valorization of the Azorean Forest

  • Team:
  • Type: PO Azores Project
  • Category:Regional Research Project
  • 2016 to 2019


Forest-Eco2 aims to (i) quantify the Ecological & Economic value of the Azorean forest, and (ii) suggest measures that further value forest resources, sustainably. An integrated approach will join Ecology and Economy, thereby enhancing research relevance towards Regional and European policies. Forest-Eco2 will focus on a gradient of forest types in the Azores: natural forest; exotic woodland; production forest; recreational forest reserves (a mix of the previous types).

Funding Institution

PO Azores 2016-2018.


Coordinator: Luís Filipe Dias e Silva (Universidade dos Açores)

Team: Mónica Maria Tavares de Moura (Universidade dos Açores), Maria Anunciação Mateus Ventura (Universidade dos Açores), João José Monteiro Mora Porteiro (Universidade dos Açores), Rui Elias (Universidade dos Açores- GBA – cE3c), Ana Isabel Damião de Serpa Arruda Moniz (Universidade dos Açores), Fernando Rosa Rodrigues Lopes (Universidade dos Açores), Francisco José Ferreira Silva (Universidade dos Açores)