Paper about the tropical arthropod diversity published in Science with affiliation of University of Azores

Sérvio Pontes Ribeiro, Associated Member of the Azorean Biodiversity Group (CITA-A) was one of the authors of a scientifc paper published this week in the prestigious scientific Journal, Science.

Basset, Y., Cizek, L., Cuénoud, P., Didham, R.K., Guilhaumon, F., Missa, O., Novotny, V., Ødegaard, F. , Roslin,T., Schmidl, J., Tishechkin, A.K., Winchester, N.N., Roubik, D.W., Aberlenc, H.-P., Bail, J., Barrios, H., Bridle, J.R., Castaño-Meneses, G., Corbara, B., Curletti, G., Duarte da Rocha, W., Bakker, Domir De, Delabie, J.H.C., Dejean, A., Fagan, L.L., Floren, A., Kitching, R.L., Medianero, E., Miller, S.E, Oliveira, E.G., Orivel, J., Pollet, M., Rapp, Ribeiro, S.P., Roisin, Y., Schmidt, J.B., Sørensen, L., Leponce, M. (2012). Arthropod diversity in a tropical forest. Science, 338: 1481-1484. DOI: 10.1126/science.1226727 (IF: 31.20)

In this publication the Azorean Biodiversity Group (CITA-A) also contributed to the Supplementary Material, with data from the Native Forest of Caldeira St. Barbara (Terceira) provided by P.A.V. Borges, pers. comm.