Chama-lhe Nomes! - creative naming of endemic insects of the A

Last July the Azorean Biodiversity Group (CITA-A, ABG) launched the page "Chama-lhe Nomes!" on Facebook. This page presents 12 insect species from the Azores (endemic) in a fun appeal appealing for the public.

Visitors of "Chama-lhe Nomes!" were invited until the end of 2012 to suggest common names for these insects that only exist in the region, and the most creative names would forever become part of the Natural History of the Azores! Now on Facebook you can find the 12 insect species cards with their common names and the identity of the person who came up with that name.

Soon this information will be available on the Azorean Biodiversity Portal - Arthropods ( Visit the page "Chama-lhe Nomes!" ( to discover the "aguarelho" and the "gorgulho-trovisqueiro" amongst other insects. Every day, an average of 400 people have seen contents associated with "Chama-lhe Nomes!" facebook page, likely related with ths initiative great media coverage both at the regional regional sparked by media coverage at the regional (RTP Açores, RDP Açores, A União, Diário Insular) and national level (RTP1, Público, Visão Júnior).

The Facebook page "Chama-lhe Nomes!" draws attention to the endemic insects of the Azores, which represent approximately half of the terrestrial endemic species of the archipelago. In fact, many of the species found in the Azores only occur on these islands so an important first step towards their conservation is to make people aware of their existence. The ABG would like to thank all those involved in this iniciative to raise awareness about the unique biological heritage of the Azores: partner institutions (Os Montanheiros, Amigos dos Açores e Centro de Ciência de Angra do Heroísmo), media and mostly to all participants in the creative naming of the insects.