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Investigating the past to foresee the future: a bibliometric analysis on Azorean research in SCI Journals during 1974-2012

The knowledge society requires all regions to participate in building a more sustainable future, in line with the European strategy for Horizon 2020. What contributions has the Azorean research given to "Innovation for Smart Specialization"? A bibliometric analysis is made for all the published research in the Azores for the period 1999-2012, based on the Science Citation Index database (SCI), exploring several indicators: “mean number of authors” and “journals impact factor” across time and discipline, “network of collaborations”, “Research Areas”, “Keywords” and “Web of Science Categories” as well as “total citation” and “page” counts. Just like in the mainland, the number of publications has increased in the last six years (154%). Natural sciences dominate the Web of Science categories. The impact factor of the publications has also increased, with a mean value of 2.6 in 2012 compared to 2.0 in 1999. Publications have also increased their international relevance, with a paper being cited 2.5 times (in average) for the 2009 publications compared to a minimum of 1.70, observed in 1999. Three quarters of the publications have at least one co-author of another region, mainly coming from other Portuguese regions (22%), but also UK (13%), Spain (11%) and USA (9%). From the 50 most cited publications per year, about half were published between 2007 and 2009