Paper on DORIS_Net FP7 project published by the European Journal of Remote Sensing

A research paper on DORIS_Net project development was published by the European Journal of Remote Sensing by our Post-Doc Artur Gil.

Despite successful technological developments, COPERNICUS, the European Earth Observation flagship program, has been showing a weak regional involvement with regards to the wide capacities and benefits it provides for the Environment and Security domains at public and private level. During the DORIS_Net project, a methodology was successfully implemented to raise regional awareness on COPERNICUS potential with the concept of a Regional Contact Offices (RCO) Network. This paper aims to describe the process of RCO's creation and certification. It also presents both benefits and challenges of management and sustainability faced by RCO in order to reach their operational goals. Finally, the paper explores the potential regional impact of RCO.

This article is also available for open access download at:

The full reference of this paper is the following: Gil, A., Bosc, C., Basoni, A., Clavé, M., Bacai, H., Pergola, N., Monbet, P., Zolotikova, S., Zepeda-Juarez, J., Antoninetti, M., Tramutoli, V., Wells, A., Carrara, P. (2014) DORIS_Net: enhancing the regional impact of COPERNICUS program by setting up the European Network of Regional Contact Offices. European Journal of Remote Sensing, 47: 29-43. DOI: 10.5721/EuJRS20144703