The Azorean Biodiversity Grouo is participating in a new Specialist Group of IUCN for Spiders

The Azorean Biodiversity Group currently participates in the constitution of a future Spider Specialist Group of IUCN.

Led by Pedro Cardoso (Natural History Museum of Finland and an associate member of the Azorean Biod Group), the project aims to initially assess the conservation status of 173 species of Macaronesian spiders, including all 27 endemic Azorean spiders.

Participate in this phase Paulo AV Borges, Luis Crespo (Azorean Biodiversity Group), Isamberto Silva (Natural Park of Madeira), Nuria Macías (University of La Laguna), Carles Miquel Arnedo and Ribera (both from the University of Barcelona).

Days 10 and 11 April, during the next meeting of Invertebrate Conservation Sub-Committee of IUCN, Cambridge, UK, will be defended to be a need to extend this review to a global scale that to happen, allow the assessment of over 1000 species and the first global assessement of this group of arthropods.