Three MSc Students from Oxford University made their projects with the Azorean Biodiversity Group

The Azorean Biodiversity Group received in June and July 2009 three  MSc. students (“Biodiversity, Conservation and Managment”) from the  University of Oxford:

Laura Jennings (Thesis: Understanding underground diversity: Bryophytes as surrogates on the Azores)

 Supervisers: Rosalina Gabriel         ; Paulo A. Borges; Robert Whittaker

Seline Meijer (Thesis: The effects of land-use change on arthropod richness and abundance on Santa Maria Island, the Azores)

 Supervisers:  Paulo A. Borges; Robert Whittaker

Vasiliki Orfanou (Thesis: Protected areas in the Azores - evaluating the IUCN PA network of Terceira for protecting endemic species).


Supervisers:   Paulo A. Borges; François Guillemon; Robert Whittaker