Workshop of BIG Group in Madeira Island

The second Scientific Workshop of the Biodynamic Island Group (BIG) is occurring in Madeira Island (5th to 9th September 2014).

During four days 18 researchers from UK (3), Spain (1), Portugal (4),Greece (1), Germany (3), Brasil (1), Danmark (2), France (1), USA (2) are analysing data and discussing hupotheses about dynamics of diversity in oceanic islands.

 This project is fully funded by a Sapere Aude Young Elite Researcher grant awarded by the Danish Councils for Independent Research to the leader of the project (Michael K. Borregaard).

Several researchers from the Azorean Biodiversity Group are participating in this Meeting: The integrated members (Paulo A.V. Borges, François Rigal and Isabel Amorim), the Ph.D. student (Tom Matthews) and or associated researcher and past Post-Doc (Kostas Triantis).