Portuguese Millennium Ecosystem Assessment received a Honorable Mention in the BES Biodiversity 2010 award

Assessment for Portugal Millennium Ecosystem Assessment has received an honorable mention in the BES Biodiversity award. In this project led by Prof. Henrique Pereira (Center for Environmental Biology of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon), took part the Azorean Biodiversity Group (CITA-A) with the chapter devoted to the Islands:

Paulo A. V. Borges, Eduardo B Azevedo, Alfredo Borba, Francisco O. Dinis, Rosalina Gabriel Gabriel & Emiliana Silva (2010). Ilhas Oceânicas. In: H.M. Pereira, T. Domingos & L. Vicente (Eds.), Portugal Millenium Ecosystem Assessment. pp. 461-508. Escolar Editora, Lisboa.

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment have developed scenarios for the future of portuguese terrestrial, freshwater and marine biodiversity.