Island Biology 2019 Conference, 8 -13 July, 2019

Island Biology 2019 Conference, 8 -13 July, 2019

University of La Réunion

City of Saint Denis, Island of La Réunion, Western Indian Ocean


Connecting the major three oceans in the Malagasy Region hotspot: emphasizing large biodiversity rich islands and conservation studies of islands

The University of La Réunion is delighted to be the venue for the next international Island Biology conference. After Hawaii and the Azores, the third Island Biology conference will be held in July 2019 (8 - 13) on La Réunion in the heart of the Malagasy Region biodiversity hotspot, and its neighboring islands in the Southern hemisphere.

At the crossroad of three major biogeographical regions of the World (Afrotropical, Indomalayan, Australasian), the Indian Ocean hosts islands of highly contrasting climate, from tropical down to Antarctic conditions, and of highly contrasting size, from immense islands facing environmental challenges of continental scale down to small islands paving the way for restoration and rewilding projects. The conference will gather scientists from all over the World and practitioners working together on islands with particular emphasis on ecology, evolution, conservation and biogeography of terrestrial and marine biotas.