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Environmental Health in Islands (EHI)



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Rafaela de Paula Tiengo

Rafaela Tiengo is conducting a PhD in Engineering and Management of the Natural Environment at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain). Tiengo's PhD project aims to the development of remote sensing-based multi-sensor approaches for land surface and land-cover/land-use change detection in small oceanic islands in the context of climate change and natural hazards.

Current research is focused on the development and validation of digital cartography in a Geographic Information System environment under the project Marine Coastal Ecosystem Biodiversity and Services in a Changing World (MaCoBioS) under the supervision of Dr. Artur Gil, whose main objective is to ensure efficient and integrated management and conservation strategies for European marine coastal ecosystems to face climate change.

My main hobby is science communication on geospatial sciences and technology. You can subscribe to my weekly newsletter and follow me on social media.