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Island Biodiversity, Biogeography & Conservation (IBBC)


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PhD Student

Sébastien Lhoumeau

I have a master in Tropical Terrestrial Ecology by the Université de La Réunion and I am now higher technician involve in the MACRISK Project. The aims are to look for the trait-based prediction of extinction risk and invasiveness for Northern Macaronesian arthropods. 

In this project, I:

- take an active part in the fieldwork in the various islands of the Azores;

- identify arthropod samples and enter the identified specimens in the Reference Collection;

- measure arthropod species for the creation of a Database of functional attributes;

-  manage the Azores Arthropod Biodiversity Databases;

- use drone for environmental characterization of the study sites;

- Participate in the writing of scientific  publications.