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Island Biodiversity, Biogeography & Conservation (IBBC)



Dept of Ecology and Taxonomy

Faculty of Biology

University of Athens

Panepisthmioupoli Zografou,

Athens GR-15784



H Index of Web of Science: 17

H Index Google: 19

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Past Member

Aristeidis Parmakelis

Our research revolves around the combination of molecular systematics, population genetics, phylogeography, ecology and multivariate morphometrics. We are fascinated by the diversity of various animal groups, and we are in a continuous struggle to set their divergence in a temporal and spatial frame. Up to now I have been researching in the ecology, phylogeography, radiation and systematics of land-snails, lizards, scorpions, spiders, isopods, myriapods and cave crickets. The evolution of pygmy elephants in the Mediterranean region is also one of our interests. In general we have significant experience in retrieving DNA from highly deteriorated starting material, such as museum specimens or fossils. The geographical area that we have been researching on has been the Mediterranean; however we have recently included remote oceanic Archipelagoes such as the Azores. During the last years, we focused our research enquiries into mosquitoes' genetics and evolution as well. During the last year we are involved in a series of projects investigating the population genetics, ecology and phylogeny of Azorean invertebrate taxa. In the department of Ecology and Taxonomy of the University of Athens, where I am appointed as a Lecturer of Population Ecology, we are involved in a series of research projects spanning from land-snail phylogenetics up to conservation genetics and ecology of invertebrate Azorean taxa.