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Island Biodiversity, Biogeography & Conservation (IBBC)



Department of Biology, University of the Azores

Apartado 1422, 9501-801 Ponta Delgada

São Miguel, Azores, Portugal


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Emanuel Dias Xavier

Emanuel Dias Xavier is conducting a Ph.D. in BIOLOGY, since 2012, by the University of Azores (3CBIO), within the IBBC Research Group of cE3c. He is conducting the project “Potential for intensive cultivation of microalgae with high economic, energetic and social value in the Azores - an integrated biotechnological approach”, under the supervision of Ana I. Neto (University of Azores), José M. N. Azevedo (University of Azores) and Alberto Reis (National Laboratory for Energy and Geology).  This study aims to identify and isolate native strains of microalgae and enhance the respective biotechnological potential in the production of metabolites with commercial interest, utilizing vertical photobioreactors subjected to the climate conditions of the Azores.