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Leila Marisa Sousa Bagaço

I hold a BSc degree in Biology - Marine Biology branch, from the University of the Azores, and continued my academic training by enrolling on an International Master of Science in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (2013-2015) offered by a consortium of 6 European universities (Ghent University, Bremen University, University of Algarve, University of Oviedo, University Pierre and Marie Curie and Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology).

My research interests are broad and related to ecology of marine invertebrates and effects of climate change on marine ecosystems.

In addition to my academic background, I collaborated with different research teams in the past. I am currently working in a whale watching company where I’m responsible for both the management of the teams going out to the sea, and the information about marine life that reaches our clients. I’m also taking an active role on a project that will soon open to the general public – a museum of marine life. I’m responsible for all the scientific information available as well as for the environmental awareness campaigns that will soon take place for the local community.