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Agroforestry Ecology (AGRO-FOR-CARE)



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Lina Maria Ribeiro Nunes

I’m a Researcher at the Structures Department of LNEC (National Laboratory for Civil Engineering) in Lisbon, Portugal. I have a PhD from Imperial College London in Timber Technology and my R&D activities focused mainly on the topics: Durability of wood and wood-based products; Sustainable use of natural materials in construction; Termite biology and control.

On this last topic, I’ve done a lot of work in cooperation with the Azorean Biodiversity Group and became a member of ABG in 2010.

I’ve been also involved in several national and international Research Projects related to the characterization of degrading agents, monitoring and protection of building materials in situ.

I was section leader (Section 1 – Biology) of the International Research Group on Wood Protection (2011-2015) and I’m now a member of the Executive Council of the same organization. I’ve been actively involved in the last ten years in several European COST Actions. Presently I’m the Convenor of the Working Group 1: Material capability and enhancement of the COST Action FP1303 – Performance of bio-based building materials.