3B-vent-Biodiversity, Biological interactions and Biotechnological products of coastal hydrothermal vents in Azores

  • Team:
  • Type: PO Azores
  • Category:Regional Research Project
  • 2019 to 2021


This project will investigate the microbial diversity associated with marine species of coastal hydrothermal vents, to understand the biological interactions between host / microbioma in face of environmental changes. It is also aimed to identify bacteria with potential for new marine bioactive natural products that can be used in a wide range of applications and allow the establishment of innovative investments with economic / social benefits for the Azorean population.

Funding Institution

DRPFE - Direcção Regional do Planeamento e Fundos Estruturais.


Team: Ana Seca, Carla Cabral, Maria do Carmo Barreto, Vitor Gonçalves, Duarte Toubarro, Gustavo Martins, Joana B. Ramos, Afonso Prestes & Ignacio Moreu.