Updated checklist of Azores Chondrichthyes (Vertebrata: Gnathostomata)

Barcelos, L.M.D., Azevedo, J.M.N. & Barreiros, J.P. (2021) Updated checklist of Azores Chondrichthyes (Vertebrata: Gnathostomata). 

Biodiversity Data Journal, 9, e62813. DOI:10.3897/BDJ.9.e62813 (IF2020 1,225; Q3 Biodiversity Conservation)
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  • Apr, 2021



Several lists of marine fish from Azores have been published in the past. Most of those publications are difficult to access on line and several were not published in peer-reviewed journals.

New information

This checklist updates all the chondrichthyan records for the Azores Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), according to the most recent taxonomic classification of cartilaginous fish, as well as providing information on the conservation status for all species. We also present recent literature data on rare species and recent records for Azores. This is the first comprehensive list of cartilaginous fishes from Azores to be published in the GBIF database.