First finding of Sophonia orientalis (Matsumura) in the Azores

Tarantino, E., Prieto, A.R., Lopes, D.H. & Borges, P.A.V. (2022) First finding of Sophonia orientalis (Matsumura) in the Azores. EPPO Bulletin, 52(1), 190-191. DOI:10.1111/epp.12812.

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  • Jan, 2022


Sophonia orientalis (Matsumura) (Hemiptera; Cicadellidae) is native to South-East Asia and is a highly polyphagous pest, considered an invasive pest, that affects crops as well as endemic plants. This paper presents the first report of Sorientalis in the Azores (Portugal). The first individuals were found in 2018 in the botanic garden on Terceira Island and later in 2020 in banana orchards. In 2020, Sorientalis was found in Pico Island in mixed forests.