Monitoring Arthropods in Azorean Agroecosystems: the project AGRO-ECOSERVICES

Borges, P.A.V.Nunes, R., Lamelas-López, L., Pereira, E., Costa, R., Monjardino, P., Lopes, D.H., Soares, A.O., Gil, A., Rigal, F., Ferrante, M. & Lövei, G.L. (2021) Monitoring Arthropods in Azorean Agroecosystems: the project AGRO-ECOSERVICES.

Biodiversity Data Journal, 9, e77548. DOI:10.3897/BDJ.9.e77548 (IF2021 1,550; Q3 Biodiversity Conservation)
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  • Dec, 2021



The data we present are part of the AGRO-ECOSERVICES project (Assessing ecosystem services and disservices provided by arthropod species in Azorean agroecosystems). The project aims to evaluate the relative importance of native and non-native organisms as ecosystem services (ES) and disservices (ED) providers, by combining novel, direct and quantitative tools for monitoring agro-biodiversity. Ecosystem services include evaluation of natural pest control by predation, seed predation on weed plants, pollination, decomposition and ecosystem disservices, herbivory and seed predation on crop plants. Active Aerial Searching (AAS) (only in maize-fields) and pitfall traps were used to sample the arthropod biodiversity (predatory spiders, true-bugs and beetles and main insect pests) on four agricultural habitats of Terceira Island, namely citrus orchards, low and high elevation maize fields and vineyards.

New information

We provided an inventory of all arthropods recorded in four Azorean agroecosystems (citrus orchards, low and high elevation maize fields and vineyards) from Terceira Island. A total of 50412 specimens were collected, belonging to four classes, 20 orders, 81 families and 200 identified species of arthropods. A total of 127 species are considered introduced (n = 22646) and 69 native non-endemic (n = 24117). Four endemic species were recorded with very few specimens (n = 14) and 3635 specimens belong to unidentified taxa recorded only at genus or family level. Five species are new records for Terceira Island, with Lagria hirta (Linnaeus, 1758) (ColeopteraTenebrionidae) being also a new record for the Azores. This publication contributes to a better knowledge of the arthropods communities present in agro-ecosystems of Terceira Island and will serve as a baseline for future monitoring schemes targeting the long-term change in arthropod diversity and abundance.