New records of marine macroalgae for the Azores

Neto, A.I., Cacabelos, E., Prestes, A.C., Díaz-Tapia, P. & Moreu, I. (2022) New records of marine macroalgae for the Azores. 

Botanica Marina, 65(2), 105-120. DOI:10.1515/bot-2021-0085 (IF2022 2,2; Q4 Plant Sciences)
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  • Mar, 2022


The present study adds 19 species (15 Rhodophyta, one Chlorophyta and three Ochrophyta) to the Azorean marine macroalgal flora, increasing the current total of species recorded in this region to 521 (349 Rhodophyta, 76 Chlorophyta and 96 Ochrophyta), and showing that this isolated island group supports a relatively rich marine macroalgal flora. Some species fall within their known overall distributional range, whereas other found here represent a northern or southern extension to their known distribution in the Atlantic. Three species (Antithamnionella elegansGymnophycus hapsiphorus and Scytosiphon dotyi) are probable introductions to the Azores, whereas Melanothamnus pseudoforcipatus has an uncertain status. Six of the newly reported species were found as components of the intertidal algal turf samples, which justifies the need for continuing to examine turf samples as new discoveries can be anticipated.