Introduction of the COST FP1303 Cooperative Performance Test

Humar, M., Brischke, C., Meyer, L., Lesar, B., Thaler, N., Jones, D., Bardage,S. , Belloncle, C., Van den Bulcke,J., Abascal, J. M., Alfredsen, G., Baisch,D., Brunnhuber, B., Cofta, G., Grodås, E., Hansson, E. F., Irle, M., Kallakas, H., Kers, J., Klamer, M., Brelid, P. L., Maider, A.B., Mahnert, K. C., Melcher, E., Möller, R., Noël, M., Nunes. L., Ormondroyd, G.A., Palanti, S., Pfabigan, N., Pilgård, A., Rapp, A.O., Schumacher, P., Suttie, E., Teppand, T., Touza, M. & Van Acker J. (2015) Introduction of the COST FP1303 Cooperative Performance Test. Proceedings IRG Annual Meeting, IRG/WP 15-20567, Viña del Mar, Chile, 22 pp.

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  • Sep, 2015


COST Action FP 1303 “Performance of bio-based building materials” successfully started in October 2013 and an ambitious program was set up for the four year programme. COST Actions provide an excellent opportunity for collaborative research, e.g. in the frame of Round Robin tests. The idea of this respective test was to distribute a fairly simple test set up to as many places in Europe as possible in order to collect performance data reflecting the range of climatic exposure conditions. Furthermore we wanted to consider performance in its manifold meaning, i.e. optical, aesthetical, moisture and functional performance and durability. In contrast to traditional Round Robin tests aiming on comparative evaluation and validation of results from different test laboratories, this initiative aims on collecting performance data under climatically different exposure conditions. Therefore it was required to provide weather data from the respective test sites to allow establishing relationships between climate conditions and the following measured, which shall be evaluated regularly: decay, discolouration, development of mould and other staining fungi, corrosion, formation of cracks and moisture performance (if data logging device is included). Further details about the test and the first outcomes are presented in this paper.