In the Azores, looking for the regions of knowing

Neilson, A., Pato, C.B., Gabriel, R.Arroz, A.M., Mendonça, E. & Picanço, A. (2016) In the Azores, looking for the regions of knowing.

Island Studies Journal, 11, 35-56. DOI: (IF2016 0,897; Q3 Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary)
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  • Mar, 2016


This multi-voice script highlights the process of five years of research with coastal fishing communities in the Azores islands of Portugal. Initially, we used photo elicitation and focus groups to invite people to speak about the sea and all the deep, complex
and sometimes contradictory meanings that it may have. In later years, the researchers sought environmental justice within everyday processes, using deep ethnographic and autobiographicnarrative inquiry which led to participation in learning about – as well as supporting – collaborations between fishers, scientists and policy makers. The text is constructed via artsinformed
research methodology and consists of two parallel, creative narratives, intermittently interrupted by a visual narrative. This work calls for looking at the sea through new eyes, hearing with new ears, feeling differently and awakening to the possibility of knowing the sea
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