PCDD/F Dioxin Profile of Treated Pinus pinaster Wood

Cardo, M., Nunes, L., Duarte, M., Silva, A. & Bernardo, F. (2016) PCDD/F Dioxin Profile of Treated Pinus pinaster Wood. Journal of Environmental Protection, 7, 1971-1979. 

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  • Dec, 2016


This work describes the treatment of Pinus pinaster wood with four different industrial wood preservatives (two anti-bluing or fungicide and two fungicide/pesticide) and the detection and quantification of the dioxin contamination profile in the wood shavings. The samples were collected from poultry liters during three contamination incidents of poultry meat. Two methods used were, both nonpressure: one by immersing the wood samples in the preservative solution and the other by impregnation of the preservative solution into the wood, with vacuum. It was concluded that there is no difference in terms of contamination profile, caused by the different industrial wood treatment preservative products in study. A clear correlation between the commercial products used in wood treatment and the contamination profile of wood shavings that have been used as bedding material in poultry production was detected.