Nonwood biobased materials

Nunes, L., Réh, R., Barbu, M. C., Walker, P., Thomson, A., Maskell, D., Knapic, S., Bajraktari, A., Greef, J.M., Brischke, C., Mansour, E., Ormondroyd, G.A., Teppand, T., Palumbo, M. & Lacasta, A. M. (2017) Nonwood biobased materials. Performance of bio-based building materials (ed. by D. Jones and C. Brischke), 97-186. WoodHead Publishing, Cambridge and Kidlington. ISBN:978-008-1009-82-6.

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  • Jul, 2017


Performance of Bio-based Building Materials provides guidance on the use of bio-based building materials (BBBM) with respect to their performance. The book focuses on BBBM currently present on the European market. The state-of-the-art is presented regarding material properties, recommended uses, performance expectancies, testing methodology, and related standards.

Chapters cover both ‘old and traditional’ BBBM since quite a few of them are experiencing a comeback on the market. Promising developments that could become commercial in the near future are presented as well.

The book will be a valuable reference resource for those working in the bio-based materials research community, architects and agencies dealing with sustainable construction, and graduate students in civil engineering.