Densification and heat treatment of maritime pine wood

Esteves, B., Ribeiro, F., Cruz-Lopes, L., Ferreira, J., Domingos, I., Duarte, M., Duarte, S. & Nunes, L. (2017) Densification and heat treatment of maritime pine wood.

Wood Research, 62(3), 373-388. DOI: (IF2017 0,642; Q3 Materials Science, Paper & Wood)
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  • Aug, 2017


Pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.) wood samples were subjected to a combined treatment by densification and heat treatment. Samples were densified before and after heat treatment. The heat treatment was made inside an oven at 190ºC during 2 to 6 h and wood densification was made in a hot press at around 48 bar pressure and temperatures between 160ºC and 200ºC for 30 min. Compression-set, compression-set recovery after three cycles of water soaking followed by oven drying, density, hardness, bending strength and stiffness and durability against subterranean termites were determined after the treatment. Results show that densification increases density, hardness, bending strength, stiffness and durability against termites. Heat treatment applied after the densification is more effective in reducing compression-set recovery than if applied before.