The plastome sequence of Laurus azorica (Seub.) Franco, an endemic tree species of the Azores islands

Liang, X.-J., Hinsinger, D.D., Elias, R.B. & Strijk, J.S. (2019) The plastome sequence of Laurus azorica (Seub.) Franco, an endemic tree species of the Azores islands. 

Mitochondrial DNA Part B-Resources, 4(1), 363-365. DOI:10.1080/23802359.2018.1545536 (IF2019 0,885; Q4 Genetics & Heredity)
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  • Jan, 2019


Laurus azorica is an endemic tree species from Azores archipelago. In this study, we generated the plastome sequence as a first step in a global assessment of island endemic Lauraceae. The total chloroplast genome was 153,061 bp in length, with a large single copy (LSC) region of 87,226 bp and a small single copy (SSC) region of 18,033 bp, separated by two inverted repeats (IRs) regions of 23,901 bp. The overall GC content was 37.3%, and 43.1%, 35.4%, and 31.1% in the IRs, LSC, and SSC regions, respectively. It contained 106 genes, including 79 coding genes, 24 tRNA genes, and four rRNA genes. A phylogenetic analysis confirmed that L. azorica was clustered with L. nobilis within the family Lauraceae.