Biota from the coastal wetlands of Praia da Vitória (Terceira, Azores, Portugal): Part 3 – Birds

Goulart, S., Barreiros, J.P., Brito, M.R., Santos, S., Pimentel, C.M.M., Nogueira, E. & Borges, P.A.V. (2019) Biota from the coastal wetlands of Praia da Vitória (Terceira, Azores, Portugal): Part 3-Birds.

Biodiversity Data Journal, 7, e34327. DOI:10.3897/BDJ.7.e34327 (IF2019 1,331; Q3 Biodiversity Conservation)
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  • May, 2019



The data presented here come from field observations of Aves between August 2013 and October 2018 as part of a LIFE research project aiming to preserve and restore three coastal wetlands from Praia da Vitória (Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal). Systematic monthly observations were carried out for five years in order to provide a checklist and monitoring of bird species and subspecies observed in three sites: Paul da Praia da Vitória (PPV), Paul do Belo Jardim (PBJ) and Paul da Pedreira do Cabo da Praia (PPCP). Main objectives were to determine their ornithological richness while also adding data to the overall knowledge of Azorean Avifauna and to monitor seasonal and between-year variation on species abundance.

New information

During a five-year observation period (2013-2018), a total of 82,985 birds belonging to 108 species/subspecies were observed. From this, 16,663 were in PPV, 11,793 from PBJ and 54,529 from PPCP. The total richness was 55, 40 and 85, respectively. Three species are first records for the Azores: Aythyaamericana (Eyton, 1838); Chlidonias leucopterus (Temminck, 1815) and Tringa brevipes (Vieillot, 1816). One species is a new record for Terceira Island: Lophodytes cucullatus (Linnaeus, 1758).