Assessing the local perception of climate change in a small island: a case study

Benedicto, J., Hervías Parejo, S., Ambrós, B., De La Cruz, A. & Gil, A. (2020) Assessing the local perception of climate change in a small island: a case study.

International Journal of Global Warming, 22(1), 30-53. DOI:10.1504/IJGW.2020.10031907 (IF2020 1,086; Q4 Environmental Sciences)
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  • Apr, 2020


The effects of climate change are global, but small islands are among the most vulnerable places. Local populations on small islands might have a ground-based perspective of the impacts that threaten them. This study was undertaken on Corvo Island (Azores), where about 34% of the residents of both genders and different education levels were surveyed. Here, their understanding of climate change and their perception of its local impact, the sense of risk (or not) associated with climate change, the identification of local areas at risk, the willingness to propose mitigation and adaptation strategies, and the knowledge of regional procedures related to climate change was analyzed. Education played a crucial role in increasing local understanding. The general perception was that the regional policies were insufficient to address climate change issues at the local level. This fact points out that the efforts to mitigate climate change impacts, and the public participation procedures for supporting policy-making on climate change challenges, have so far been scarce and ineffective.