XVI Portuguese Conference on Artificial Inteligence - Azorean Biodiversity Group Contribution

The Azorean Biodiversity Group is participating as co-organizer and presenting talks in the XVI National Conference on Artificial Inteligence that will be held in Angra do Heroísmo between 9th and 12th September.

Contributing talks of members of Azorean Biodiversity Group:

-Automation of Species Identification and Description [Pedro Cardoso, Rui Carvalho, João Carreira and Jorge Batista)

-Automation of Organelle Identification in Developing Maize Endosperm Transfer Cells [Paulo Monjardino, Sara Rocha and Pedro Cardoso)

-Biodiversity Data Compilation [Pedro Cardoso and Luís Mendes Gomes]

-Challenges in Assessing Color and Spatial Distribution of Bacterial Mats in Lava Cavities [Cristina Riquelme, Pedro Cardoso, François Rigal and Maria de Lurdes Enes Dapkevicius]

-Cluster Analysis Optimization [Pedro Cardoso, François Rigal and Armando Mendes]

-Perspectives and Progress of Ecology and Conservation Science in the Azores: the Possible Contribution of Artificial Intelligence [Paulo A. V. Borges, Pedro Cardoso, Orlando Guerreiro, François Rigal, Margarida Florencio, Isabel R. Amorim, Luis Borda-de-Água, José Cascalho and Miguel Ferreira]

-Towards an Agent Based Modeling: The Prediction and Prevention of the Spread of the Species Drywood Termite Cryptotermes brevis [Orlando Guerreiro, Miguel Ferreira, Jose Cascalho and Paulo Borges]