The new list of Iberian Spiders by Pedro Cardoso and Eduardo Morano

We compiled all the available information regarding spider species distribution in the Iberian Peninsula (including the Balearic Islands). At present, 1335 species are known from the region, of which 236 are Iberian endemics, in 373 genera and 55 families. Portugal presents 768 species and Spain (including Andorra and Gibraltar), 1213 species. Although the work developed during recent decades has allowed a major increase in our knowledge of this group, there are certainly many species yet to be found and, for those already listed, the distribution is largely unknown. Although linyphiids present the highest number of known species (267), dysderids present the highest endemic richness (46 species). Information regarding the provinces from where each species was referenced is also presented and reveals large differences in the knowledge about each province, with most presenting very few known records and species. This checklist is accompanied by an online catalogue where all the information here presented is exhaustively listed and regularly updated.

Cardoso, P. & Morano, E. (2010). The Iberian spider checklist (Araneae). Zootaxa, 2495: 1-52