Give a common name to an Azorean Endemic species

The Azorean Biodiversity Group (GBA, CITA-A, University of Azores) launched an initiative to highlight the diversity of species endemic to the Azores. Insects represent nearly half of terrestrial endemic species that exist in the archipelago, but given their small size and habitats where they occur, they are not easy to observe and so are mostly unknown by the general public. Under a project funded by the FCT on the formation of new species on islands, which uses insects that speciated in the archipelagos of Macaronesia as a study model, the GBA has created a facebook page "Gave him names!" ( On this page people are invited to suggest common names for species of insects that exist only in the Azores:

Are you good observer? Are you creative? You have a knack for names? So get yourself a name for an animal and enables you to go down in history! B

y the end of 2012 open your imagination and suggest common names for 12 insect species endemic to the Azores The selected names will appear in the Azorean Biodiversity Portal ( followed by the name of their authors. If the name you suggested is chosen, you will be forever linked to the Natural History of the Azores!