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The Azorean Biodiversity Group initiated this year the “Azorean Biodiversity Group Prizes” that aim to highlight the excellence in research of the members of the group and give some visibility to their research. In the last day of the Iberian Congress of Entomology the Coordinator of ABG announced the Prizes.

“The Most Productive Young Researcher 2012” Award – Pedro Cardoso (

(This prize will be awarded every year to the most productive young researcher of the ABG Group)

Pedro Cardoso was the most productive young researcher of the ABG Group, with about 12 ISI papers in 2012 and about 30 ISI papers in the last three years. Pedro Cardoso is a Community Ecologist who spent the last six years of research as Post-Doc in ABG and also in the Smithsonian Museum. He has a Ph.D. by the University of Lisbon – Faculty of Sciences (Supervised by Artur Serrano) and in September this year starts a new position in the Natural History Museum of Helsinki (Univ. of Helsinki).

“BALA –Biodiversity of Arthropods from Laurisilva of Azores 2012” Award – Clara Saraiva Gaspar (

(This prize will be awarded every year to the most influent researcher generating data or analyses in the BALA Project)

Clara Gaspar started her scientific career in Azores as one of the team members of Project BALA. Clara Gaspar leaded in the last 12 years the development of several taxonomic, ecological and trait databases of crucial importance for the research of the Group. She has a Ph.D. by the University of Sheffield (Supervised by Kevin Gaston and Paul A. V. Borges) and is currently doing a Post-Doc in Science Communication.


“The Azorean Biodiversity Group Engagement 2012” Award – Enésima Mendonça (

Enésima Mendonça was leading in the last six years the creation and management of the ATLANTIS database that is the support of the Azorean Biodiversity Portal. She is also coordinating many activities within the ABG being influential in the success of the Group. Enésima took her Bsc in University of Azores and is about to submit her MSc thesis this year.

“The Events 2012” Award – Carla Rego (

(This prize will be awarded every year to the investigator that leaded an event of high relevance promoting the visibility of ABG) .

Carla Rego is a Post-Doc of ABG working on molecular ecology. She has a BSc and Ph.D. by the University of Lisbon – Faculty of Sciences. She leaded this year the organization of the most important event, the XV Iberian Congress of Entomology that occurred in Angra do Heroísmo (2-6 September) with about 130 participants.

“The Linnean Prize 2012” – Artur R. M. Serrano (

(This prize was awarded this year by the occasion of the Iberian Congress of Entomology to highlight the importance of taxonomic studies for the advance of ecological studies).

Artur Serrano is a leading Carabidae taxonomist in Portugal and Europe with also an expertise on ground-beetle ecology. Artur took is Ph.D in Zoology by the University of Lisbon where he rapidly progressed as leading taxonomist in Carabidae. His studies also include biodiversity inventories in Madeira archipelago and collaboration with ABG in BALA project. He is contributing to solve the Linnean shortfall.