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Workshop - Predicting extinctions in Azores: a multi-scale assessment

The presentation of the final results of the Project "Predicting extinctions on islands: a multi-scale assessment" will be held in Angra do Heroísmo (Univ Azores) on the 25th June 2013.

In this final workshop investigators from the Azorean Biodiversity Group (CITA-A) and Universities of Oxford (U.K.) and Athens (Greece) will present the scientific outputs of this project that aimed to:

(i) perform a multi-level evaluation of extinction risk due to the dramatic habitat destruction and fragmentation in Azores and (ii) the evaluation of theoretical predictions of future extinctions, involving cross-validation of macroecological, population abundance and genetic indices.

In this workshop we will also have a Round Table with the presence of the Azorean Director of Environment (Dr. Hernâni Jorge), Azorean Director of Forests (Engª Anabela Isidoro) and the Director of Terceira Island Natural Park (Drª Sónia Alves).

Thematic - Conservation of Azorean native forests - Strategies for the future