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New exotic species in Azores

In a recent publication Borges et al. (2013) list thirteen widespread exotic invertebrate species (two Araneae, one Orthoptera, four Hemiptera, four Coleoptera and two Diptera) that were recorded from the Azorean Islands in the last few years for the first time.

In addition, another ten invertebrate species (two Araneae, one Orthoptera, two Phasmatodea, one Hemiptera, three Coleoptera and one Diptera) that expanded their known range in the archipelago.

The pathways of entrance for species in the Azores, their impact on the local economy and biodiversity, as well as strategies to halt the introduction of alien species are discussed.

How can the introduction of exotic species be halted?

a) As the quantity of imports to the Azores is rising continuously, a first possibility would be to increase the number of random shipment inspections of imports by the agriculture officials.

b) A second possibility would be the improvement of the efficacy of inspection training officials to detect recognizable signs of symptoms of critical pests (e.g. termites).

c) A third possibility is to implement mandatory fumigation (Liebhold et al. 2012), or controlled temperature techniques to eradicate potential pests during the transport and storage of commercial goods to the Azorean main ports.

Borges, P.A.V., M. Reut, N.B. da Ponte, J.A. Quartau, M. Fletcher, A.B. Sousa, M. Pollet, A.O. Soares, J.A.P. Marcelino, C. Rego & P. Cardoso 2013. New records of exotic spiders and insects to the Azores, and new data on recently introduced species. Arquipelago. Life and Marine Sciences 30: 57-70