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Book from the Azorean Biodiversity Group Celebrating the BES Award for Excellence in the Conservation of Biodiversity in Portugal, 2008

To be Lauched on the 7th December 2009 at University of Azores (Terceira)

Borges P.A.V. & Gabriel, R.G. (2009). Predicting extinctions on oceanic islands: arthropods and bryophytes. Universidade dos Açores.

This book is based on a Project with the same designation that received one of the BES - Biodiversity prize of 2008. The started in 1998 with the aim of obtaining the first time a standardizing sampling of island arthropods. Later, the same study was extended to bryophytes. This knowledge to the terrestrial biodiversity – based on a rigorous scientific study – allowed the complete listing of species, the identification of the rarest and threatened species, and the selection of the hotspot areas of biodiversity. The research group published several studies that demonstrated the need to include more sites in the Azorean network of protected areas, some of which were later considered by the Azorean Government to be included in the new Azorean system of protected areas. The project implied for the first time in oceanic islands the simultaneous study of both soil and canopy arthropods and bryophytes. The studied forest was the native "Laurisilva". Many species new for science were discovered. One of the most important achievements was the Azorean Biodiversity Portal (, in which it is possible to see the detailed distribution of all the Azorean arthropod and bryophyte species