MOVECLIM and ATLANTISMAR projects scientific Expedition to São Jorge

The projects ATLANTISMAR in a collaboration with the project NETBIOME-MOVECLIM organized an Expedition to the Island of São Jorge between the 28th July and the 3rd August.

The project ATLANTISMAR aims to map all the marine and terrestrial biodiversity of Azores.

The project MOVECLIM sets up the first comparative analysis of tropical biodiversity along altitudinal gradients in multiple islands. It assembles an international and multidisciplinary network across the islands of La Réunion (Mascarenes), Guadeloupe (Antilles), Pico (Azores), La Palma (Canaries) and Tahiti (French Polynesia).

In this Expedition one of the first results was the finding of a new locality for the rare bryophyte species, Echinodium renauldii in the Fajã do Mero.