Azorean Biodiversity Group had five projects financed for the period 2019-2021

The Azorean Biodiversity Group received five projects out of 12 applications (which means a 42% success), within the Last Call for Projects of the AZORES 2020, totaling about 900,000 Euros of budget.

The five projects approved were within two RIS3 topics, Agriculture (three projects) and Sea (two projects).

These projects include the research on important agriculture topics: a) ecosystem services in Azorean agro-ecosystems (AGRO-ECOSERVICES; PIs: Paulo A. V. Borges and António Onofre Soares); b) the development of biological control strategies and assessment of economic and financial viability for the implementation of a bio-factory in the Azores (ECO2 – TUTA; PI: António Onofre Soares and Maria Luísa Oliveira); c) study the possible effects of climate change on the productivity and nutrient composition of the pastures in the Azores (PASTURCLIM; PIs: Maria Teresa Ferreira and Rui Elias).

Concerning marine research, two important topics will be investigated: a) the maintenance, expansion and exploration of the MONICET cetacean-watching platform, to support science, public policy and businesses (MEEMO; PIs: José Azevedo and Marc Fernández Morrón); b) the diversity of microbiomes on marine species inhabiting coastal hydrothermal vents, isolating and identifying putative bacteria with antimicrobial activities that may be use in industrial/ pharmaceutical applications (3B‐vent; PIs: Ana I Neto and Gustavo M Martins).

With these five approved projects, it will be possible to respond to important challenges in Azorean agriculture and marine RIS3 Agenda.