Projeto de ciência cidadã - Polinizadores de Portugal

CIBIO-INBIO AND PARQUE BIOLÓGICO DE GAIA LAUNCH NATIONAL CITIZEN SCIENCE PROJECT “PORTUGUESE POLLINATORS” - The project aims to raise awareness on the diversity, importance and omnipresence of pollinators in our daily lives.

In May there are two international days of special biological importance, the World Bee Day (20) and the International Day for Biological Diversity (22). On the celebration of this dates CIBIO-INBIO and Parque Biológico de Gaia are launching a national citizen science project entitled “Portuguese Pollinators”. The project is based on the BioDiversity4All platform, the Portugal node of the iNaturalist Network.

Together with museums, academic institutes, NGOs, municipalities, schools and other partners Institution(s), we will promote the public (individual) participation in a campaign from 16 to 24 of May. The project is launch in May 2020 and will continue after the first campaign, that will take place between 16 and 24 May 2020. The recovered data will be an important contribution to the knowledge and study of the entomofauna of Portugal. It will also constitute a precious tool to assist in the elaboration of the first Red List of Invertebrates in Portugal. Can you help us? We count on you! 

To know more about the Portuguese Pollinators project, please click here and here.