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Course in Extreme Macro Photography of Insects and Plants

In an organization of the Azorean Biodiversity Group (CITA-A) and the Science Centre of Angra do Heroismo will be held on the Campus of Angra do Heroismo at the University of the Azores an advanced course in Macro Photography (15,16 and 17 June).

The course will be given by the photographer Javier Torrent. In the last two years he has developed new techniques of Extreme Macro. The course aims to attract nature photographers with some experience in Macrophotography, giving them new skills in terms of equipment, macro studio and field techniques and image processing.

At a cost of 80 Euros, interested participants should subscribe to the Science Centre of Angra do Heroism (Phone: 295.217845, e-mail: )

The program content is in attachment.