First finding of larviposition in Calliphora loewi an island relict forest

Prado e Castro, C., Szpila, K., Rego, C.Boieiro, M. & Serrano, A.R.M. (2016) First finding of larviposition in Calliphora loewi from an island relict forest.

Entomological Science, 19, 77–81. DOI:10.1111/ens.12163 (IF2016 1,262; Q2 Entomology)
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  • Feb, 2016


Larviposition is widespread in blowflies, but among Calliphora species this behavior has seldom been described. The evidence of larviposition in C. loewi is here reported for the first time and discussed in relation with other blowfly species exhibiting the same behavior. The blowfly C. loewi is considered oviparous but surprisingly, female specimens from Madeira Island (Portugal) were found to carry few large larvae (one to three larvae up to 5.1 mm in size) in the ovipositor and abdomen. The finding of larviposition behavior in C. loewi from Madeira Island is at present enigmatic and further studies are needed to clarify the reproductive biology of this species.