Challenges, advances and perspectives in island biogeography

Borges, P.A.V., Cardoso, P., Gabriel R., Ah-Peng, C. & Emerson, B. (2016) Challenges, advances and perspectives in island biogeography. Frontiers of Biogeography, 8, e29136.

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  • May, 2016


Island biogeographical research is becoming more and more fashionable, with the continuous identification of new challenges that are critical for the advancement of science. In this contribution we identify biases and limitations associated with island biogeographic studies, and also describe recent advances and propose new perspectives. The main proposals include: 1) downscaling island biogeographical studies to local/plot scale; 2) investigating geographic patterns of intra-specific genetic variation to infer dispersal processes among and within islands; 3) using applied biogeographic research to respond to the current island biodiversity crisis; and 4) applying new computer-intensive methods such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches. Download Publication