It’s hard to be green: reverse green value chain

Couto, J., Tiago, T., Gil, A., Tiago, F. & Faria, S. (2016) It’s hard to be green: reverse green value chain.

Environmental Research, 149, 302-313. DOI:10.1016/ j.envres.2016.05.006 (IF2016 3,835; Q1 Public, Environmental & Occupational Health)
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  • May, 2016


Firms have recently discovered that it is not enough to optimize internal processes and relationships with partners along the value chain to create a sustainable competitive market position. A clear customer orientation, which acknowledges that consumer buying behavior is complex and includes many elements implied in the value chain, is required. As companies offering green products are no exception to this rule, this study analyzes consumer behavior in Europe from a reserve green supply chain management perspective, using descriptive analyses and a structural equation model, with data collected by Flash Barometer comprising 26,573 responses from 28 European countries. The results suggest that European consumers are conscious of the green concept, but are not willing to buy or pay more for these products since the value is unclear. Companies offering green products must therefore rethink their strategies, especially in terms of value proposition, communication strategies, and eco-labeling.