Bees (Apidae, Hymenoptera) of the Azores: an annotated checklist

Weissmann, J.A., Picanço, A., Borges, P.A.V. & Schaeffer, H. (2017) Bees (Apidae, Hymenoptera) of the Azores: an annotated checklist.

ZooKeys, 642, 63-95. DOI:10.3897/zookeys.642.10773 (IF2017 1,079; Q3 Zoology)
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  • Jan, 2017


We report 18 species of wild bees plus the domesticated honeybee from the Azores, which adds nine species to earlier lists. One species, Hylaeus azorae, seems to be a single island endemic, and three species are possibly native (Colletes eous, Halictus villosulus, and Hylaeus pictipes). All the remaining bee species are most likely accidental introductions that arrived after human colonization of the archipelago in the 15th century. Bee diversity in the Azores is similar to bee diversity of Madeira and Cape Verde but nearly ten times lower than it is in the Canary Islands