Escala de Motivações dos Turistas Seniores

Silva, O., Medeiros, T., Moniz, A., Tomás, L., Vieira, V., Furtado, S., Santos, C. & Ferreira, J. (2018) Escala de Motivações dos Turistas Seniores. Proceedings of the 25th APDR Congress: Circular Economy, Urban Metabolism and Regional Development: Challenges for a Sustainable Future, Lisboa, Portugal, 372-378. ISBN:978-989-8780-06-5.

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  • Dec, 2018


Tourism in the Azores has grown considerably since 2014, having increased over 20% in the last two years. This very significant increase in tourism in the region requires monitoring and a holistic strategy based on the circular economy, with the development of measures that may be reflected in the promotion of quality and in the configuration of socio-environmental sustainability of the Azores destination. Senior tourism is a rapidly expanding segment at the global, national and regional level, in this case the Azores, which requires a detailed knowledge of the main reasons why tourists at this stage of their lives seek out the characteristics of this region. Thus, it is important the suitability of products and services that may be available to the senior public, allowing to maximize the efficiency of the actions and investments to meet your satisfaction. With this work, we intend to know in detail the motives of senior tourists (understood to be 55 years of age or older) in the search for the Azores destination to optimize the tourism experience by contributing to their own loyalty and making them of their local communities, starting with the familiar environment of friends. With this in mind we wanted to operate a specific instrument, in accordance with the specificity and sensitivity of the issue, confer consistency and objectivity to the forms of measurement. Based on a set of seventeen items related to the reasons for visiting the Azores, the Motivation Scale for Senior Tourists (EMTS) was developed, which revealed good psychometric qualities, namely validity and fidelity. The data collected by questionnaire (n = 470 tourists who visited the Azores) were analyzed using various statistical methods. The knowledge of the senior tourist profile, taking into account their motivations, help local actors from the public and private sectors to adjust their tourism offer. Download Publication