Die Curculionoidea (Coleoptera) von den Inseln der Azoren

Stüben, P.E. & Borges P.A.V. (2019) Die Curculionoidea (Coleoptera) von den Inseln der Azoren. Snudebiller, 20(279), 1-59.

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  • May, 2019


The Curculionoidea (Coleoptera) of the Azores, with 775 photographs, 9 drawings, 57 plates and 66 distribution maps.

Nine new records of weevils are presented for the nine islands of the Azores in addition to the 58 Curculionidea listed in [Listagem 2010]; Anthribidae, Scolytinae and Platypodinae are not considered in the current revision. Digital photos of habitus and aedeagus (dorsal/ lateral) are given by focus stacking for all listed 67 (sub-)species (scrollable, high resolution images (e.g. [Fig. PSEnod1MF])). A complete checklist of all findings (primarily resulting from two field trips of the first author in 2003 and 2018 and traps and other sampling methods performed by the co-author team) is compiled, and the distribution is mapped for all valid taxa. Finally, notes on each taxon are presented including taxonomical, ecological, distributional and other information. As in the eight catalogues before, the focus is on the molecular analysis, especially of the CO1 barcoding gene. Barcoding help to secure the status of each species and allow a still reliable systematic classification. For 38 species observations on biology and host plants are presented in large, scrollable images (e.g. [Fig. PSEsch] [Fig. HYPpal]). This illustrated list can be used for species determination and represents the first step towards the Internet catalogue “The Macaronesian Islands - an Encyclopedia of Curculionoidea (Coleoptera)" presented in the Internet journal 'Le Charançon' (CURCI) within the next years. Further records of weevils are highly desirable. The illustrated catalogue concludes with a call for cooperation to take an active part in the establishment, development and continuation of this Internet catalogue:


A book project on the weevils of Makaronesia is in preparation by the first author for the beginning of 2021.

  1. New synonyms / resynonymisation:NeocnemisCrotch, 1867 syn. nov. (= Strophosoma Billberg, 1820); Pselactus spadix sulcipennis Wollaston, 1854 syn. nov. (=Pselactus spadix spadix (Herbst, 1795) (Curculio); Pseudophloeophagus variabilis (Crotch, 1867) (Phloeophagusresyn. from Pseudophloeophagus tenax (Wollaston, 1854) (Rhyncolus); Pseudophloeophagus chopardi Méquignon, 1942 syn. nov. (= Pseudophloeophagus variabilis (Crotch, 1867). 2. New combinationStrophosoma(Neliocarusoccidentalis (Crotch, 1867) comb. nov. from Neocnemis Crotch, 1867. 3. Designation of lectotype / paralectotypes: Pseudophloeophagus variabilis (Crotch, 1867) (Phloeophagus).