Scoping the potential for outdoor microalgae production in the Azores

Xavier, E.D., Neto, A.I., Reis, A. & Azevedo, J.M.N. (2016) Scoping the potential for outdoor microalgae production in the Azores. Arquipelago. Life and Marine Sciences, 33, 57-70.

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  • Nov, 2016


Microalgae cultivation has received much attention due to some desirable characteristics such as fast growth rates, high photosynthetic efficiencies and the production of valuable biochemicals. Mass cultivation of microalgae for commercial purposes is already a reality in some locations being an activity with approximately 45 years. The Azores archipelago, located in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal, features a temperate climate. To evaluate the feasibility of local outdoor microalgae production, certain fundamental factors must be analysed. In this study water, light, temperature, carbon sources, nutrients, international outlook and regional context were analyzed from the perspective of a local outdoor commercial microalgae production. A SWOT analysis was applied to the analysed factors to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The results nominate the Azores as a promising location to implement an outdoor production of valueadded products from microalgae.